Blockchain Identity Verification

Service that allows to verify users and to prevent fraud. It is based on blockchain technology as a tool for protecting and validating personal data of Internet users.

Guaranteed Crypto Financing:

Soft capTotal raised: 10.000 €

Fixed token edition 10.000.000 GCF

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Guaranteed Crypto Financing uses a decentralized and unstoppable blockchain built to save the entire world nature.
Welcome to Guaranteed Crypto Financing!

Say hi to the new token which can save the planet on Binance Smart Chain!
Guaranteed Crypto Financing is a community-driven decentralized new cryptocurrency for global environmental initiative register in the Europe.
The goal of the GCF company is to save the planet!
For every GCF you bought we need to plant a tree!
Our planet faces the interconnected crises of rapid climate change and biodiversity loss.

We have years, not decades, to address these existential threats.

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Guaranteed Crypto Financing Road Map

Phase 1
Team formation
Whitepaper formation
Smart contract testing
Phase 2
Road Map creation
Website lunch
Pancake swap list
Phase 3
Pancake swap list
1,000 telegram members
YouTube Channel
Phase 4
Instagram account
Twitter account
Aggressive promotion campaign
Phase 5
Coin Market Cap listing
Binance listing
Launch of Partnership for NFT
Phase 6
3,000 holders
3,000 telegram members
3.000 planted trees
Phase 7
1 t of recycled household waste
Creation of donation wallet
Constant increase of social media activities
Phase 8
Project review
Whitepaper update
Road Map review
Phase 9
Website redesign
10.000 telegrams members
10.000 holders
Phase 10
10.000 trees planted
3 t of recycled household waste
Attracting influencers to cover the GCF ecosystem
Phase 11
50.000 telegram members
50.000 trees planted
50.000 holders
Phase 12
10k$ donations to WWF
Preparation of a new Road Map.
Plannig and ecosystem update according to the future and blockchain industry trends.

Why GCF token?


Save Nature

• Full of enthusiasm
• Supports Nature


Secure Storage

• Well-planned strategy
• Clear Road Map



1. Create Wallet:
One of the most popular solution is to get MetaMask wallet. This is a convenint way that opens an opportunity to buy, send and sell GFC tokens.
2. Get BNB
Withdraw your BNB and other from CEX or DEX (Binance, FTX,, etc.)
3. Go and swap
Go to PancakeSwap and swap BNB for GCF.


1 GCF = 1€

Buy now till is cheap!

10.000.000.GCF11,500,000.GCF14,000,000.GCF100.000.000 MAX
10.000.000 GCF 1 GCF = 1€

Token information

Name: Guaranteed Crypto Financing (GCF)
Platform : Ethereum (ERC20)
Role : Purchase token to plant a tree
Total supply : 10.000.000 tokens
ICO supply : 10.000.000 tokens
Token price : 1€

We truly believe in the “tokenization” of the economy, that is why we created a token to use our service.

Guaranteed Crypto Financing uses a decentralized and unstoppable blockchain built to save the entire world nature.

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Landing Ico #3
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Landing Ico #3
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